Amp repair – Mesa Nomad 1×12

Hey guys!

Today I want to give you all a good example of how simple amp repair can be. I love these kind of examples because they illustrate how things can fail and what you can expect as symptoms.

A wonderful customer recently brought me a Mesa Nomad guitar amp in which the EQ on channel 1 had stopped working. You could turn the knobs all you wanted but it produced no boost or cut on any of the 3 band frequencies. I took the amp out of the chassis only to find that a pot (knob that controls frequency) had come apart inside the amp and the parts were not engaging. Since all the knobs are dependent on each other, they all build muscles stopped working because the one pot failed.

The failed part:

I didn’t even have to replace the part, I put the cap back on, tightened it down and it stayed perfectly intact. This essentially saved the customer a load of bench time and money. It is important to check out the mechanical parts FIRST to make sure that nothing has failed before addressing the rest of the electrical system. It could just be as simple as a failed pot.

That’s all for now! See you all next time!!

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