Bass flavored upgrades

Hey guys!

I want to show you some quick upgrades that you can do to your cheaper equipment to make it play like a dream!

A customer recently brought me a bass in need of some upgrades. He wanted a new bridge, pickups and a good setup. The customer needed massive low end and a lot of sustain.


The Babicz 4 string fender replacement bridge was a good choice for this bass over the stock crappy cheap metal thing that came stock. I aligned the bridge by taking measurements from the neck and previous bridge alignment. It was a simple install, took less than an hour.


I had a spare set of Seymour Duncan SPB-3 pickups that I installed to pump up the low end…..a lot. This thing sounds MASSIVE!!

Its a better instrument now. More sustain and adjustment from the bridge and a lot more tonal flexibility from the pickups. These are great mods to do if you have the money for it. Cheap how to loose weight instruments dont have to play like cheap instruments. They can be AWESOME!

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