Options for wiring humbuckers

Here are some pretty awesome options for coil cutting mods without a lot of extra parts or cost. These are pretty simple to achieve and can have a great impact on tone. Lets check out the first mod

This will combine a singled coil from the bridge and neck humbucker. It can be used with a standard 3 way switch to create different tones. Its an easy mod and a really great idea!

This second option is probably the best idea I have ever seen. This depression symthoms mod is simlar to a Flying V, with two independent volume controls and one master tone. That leaves one tone pot unused, which we can wire up as the coil cut. When that pot’s cranked to 10, you get the full humbucker; as you dial it down it gradually cuts the coil.

This mod uses piston four or position four in a 5 way switch (bridge, middle pickup) to split the bridge coil for a dual single coil operation closer to the bridge. That way you can single out the humbucker in position five for a totally different sound. Pretty cool!

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