Custom guitar wiring and amp repair are definitely a staple of my shop. I spend a good amount of time every week looking through wires and old solder joints and fixing problems. I actually make effects pedals for Subdecay Inc. in beautiful Newberg Oregon, so I am no stranger to simple or complex circuits.

This is a great example of a custom job. This Carvin guitar needed a new set of pickups and some new wiring to go with them. The pickups were new, 4 wire connectors rather than the old style Carvin 3 wire pickups. There is a circuit board there that the pickups must be installed into in order to function correctly. I basically had to adapt the new pickups to the old style wiring and install them correctly to work with the old electronics.
It took a while but it was worth the work. The customer was really happy with the end result and I was able to get some great pictures of a really cool guitar.

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