Headstock Repair

Gibson Headstock

This, my friends, is the Gibson problem. It is incredibly common for a guitar usually costing in the thousands. Honestly, It would be an easy fix. Gibson would be required to slightly design the neck where the headstock meets the fretboard. There is a very limited area holding this space together and while it works with tension applied, it does not work when the guitar is even slightly mishandled.

This guitar in particular fell off of a guitar stand where it was being stored just before someone was going to pick it up. He set it down and then bumped it with his person. It slowly slid off the stand and fell onto a carpeted area. SNAP! He called me to ask if I could fix it, which I can and did.

The headstock snapped off in two pieces. I first had to slightly sand under one of the smaller pieces between the piece and the neck to achieve a surface that glue would bond to. I had to remove any little pieces that were keeping the piece from mating with the neck properly. After that, I put some glue in a syringe and shot it into the area. I then applied a clamp and let it sit overnight.
The crack was pretty far up into the headstock….as you can see….soooooo….
I had to apply some wood glue to piece of plastic wrap and gently slide it up into the smallest part of the crack. It was not the easiest way to get glue in there but it worked fine. I then applied the clamps and a piece of wood between the two to get even clamping pressure over the heel of the headstock.

So, the glue sat for 24 hours and then I removed the clamps. I sanded off some excess paint and ….other nasties that were hiding below it. The crack is pretty visible still but LOOK! THE STRINGS ARE ON! So the glue is holding.

Now its time for some paint. A little more sanding and then some masking off the body and I’m ready to shoot.
So after shooting paint and letting it dry for a couple days, this is the final result. Pretty good actually. Looks like the crack is minimally visible and is structurally sound.

This is definitely something that I can do with all broken headstocks. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email to ask questions or for a quote.

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