New bridge pieces

Rosewood bridge pieces

What you see here is a Guild M85-1. Its really crazy old, like 43 years old to be exact. One of the bridge pieces (made of rosewood) has snapped in half due to some improper mounting and excessive load pressures. This repair was focused on making a new one and setting the bass up to play with a light touch.

I have to essentially make a brand new bridge piece out of a block of rosewood. This was not terribly easy but its not as hard as making a whole new bridge. I used a band saw to cut out a small half inch square piece of wood which I then shaped with sand paper and files. The piece you see on the right is the old bridge piece.
So the new piece is second up from the bottom. It sits under the A string. It was a really nice piece of rosewood that I used and is quite a bit stronger than the old piece. It also looks way better….I think.

The final step was to set the guitar up for a light touch. I had to move some bridge pieces around in order to create a radius to match the fretboard. I adjusted the neck and  made some minor adjustments to the bridge height before sending it off to the customer. What a cool guitar!

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