Do you have a price list that I could see? Not really. I do quotes on a case by case basis. If you can accurately describe the desired repair that your instrument needs, I can give you a rough quote. I would in almost every case, prefer to see the instrument to make sure I have not missed anything that would be causing problems.

Can you fix my guitar? Yes! I have been experimenting with stringed instruments for the last 10+ years. I started by fixing my own, then fixing my band mates, then fixing paying customers guitars. I can build simple Fender style designs and set them up expertly. I have seen a lot of normal wear and tear and also some weird and challenging problems through out the years. There is never a dull moment and I love every minute of it!

Two different frets make the exact same sound…why is that? Sounds like either you have a high fret, an improperly set neck or the environment faries are messing with the weather again and your action is changing a lot. I can usually fix any of these problems pretty quickly, even if it requires some fret work.

My volume knobs are making scratchy noises and my input jack is broken…can you fix that? Yep, sounds like your volume potentiometers are dirty. They need to be either replaced or cleaned. Also, your jack is connected to some other wiring that is inside of your guitar. I will probably need to diagnose your wiring to make sure. I do all electronics diagnosis on a case by case basis. Some things are easy and some things are hard. I set my prices based on the difficulty or time it takes to repair a problem.

Can you fix amps/cabinets/keyboards? I can usually handle amp repairs in a timely manner. Most tube amps are pretty simple and require only a couple hours of work. Sometimes things can get complicated and expensive though. If I have to replace a bunch of circuitry to get an amp to work, it will be more expensive than fixing a broken input jack or re-biasing an amp. I charge $30 an hour for amp repair. I can fix keyboards and cabinets to some extent but they are much different than amps.

Can you paint my guitar a different color? Yes, but only in the summer time. I do not have a full time paint shop at the moment. I will also only do solid colors at this time.

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