If you need some high-quality, yet super-fast work done on your gear, get over to Box of Knobs in Aloha.

I thought my bass was a pretty nice bass. Other musicians I played with always commented positively on it. When I took other basses to jams and gigs, they invariably would tell me to bring back my regular bass next time. When I was playing guitar, I occasionally loaned this bass out to two other really decent bassists, and they never once complained about anything concerning its tone or playability. But I knew something wasn’t right. The pots seemed unusually scratchy, and the “Jazz” pickup next to the bridge just wasn’t living up to the hype. And to get the best sound, I always had the pots jammed up to max, which was really inconvenient (I had to turn down the amp on stage to get quieter, instead of just turning down the bass itself.) I had gone to a local, reputable music retailer to have it looked at. They couldn’t quote me a price, they couldn’t guarantee me when it would be done, and they were actually going to send it out to some shop on Eastside (I live Westside). This was a major inconvenience, especially considering I do not have a backup bass at this time.

Then I found Caleb’s shop while surfing around on Craig’s List. Finally, a repair shop on the Westside! I took my bass over, Caleb looked at it for about five minutes, determined that the best thing to do would be to replace the pots and wiring entirely. He mentioned he could probably get the action down a little bit, too, which I really didn’t think it needed, but OK, it’s in the shop anyway, take your best shot. Then I thought, OK, how much and how long is this going to take? I couldn’t believe the price he quoted me (parts included!), and on top of that, he said it would be done in three days.

I have to admit, I was wondering how good a job it was going to be. Then, I get a call TWO days later from Caleb saying the bass was ready. My bass had two new studio-quality volume pots and action like butter. This bass has passive pickups, but thanks to the clean wiring and professional- grade components, these pickups sound as fat and loud as some active pickups I’ve played. No joke, my amp has an input VU meter, which NEVER used to go into the “red” unless I jacked up the input gain; now it’s all I can do to keep it out of the red! And that Jazz pickup works great now; I can get a whole new variety of tones from the bass, and I can turn the pots up and down noiselessly. It literally plays and sounds better than when I bought it new! Now, I’m wondering how cool it would sound with flatwounds. You can bet, when I’m ready to have the neck reset for thicker strings, I’m headed straight to Box of Knobs.

- David K. Hopkins, 2011 Bassist – Papa Dynamite and the Jive 2003 G&L Tribute SB-2

If you need a job done to your satisfaction for less than “an arm and a leg”, Caleb at BOX OF KNOBS is your man. I highly recommend him. He’s knowledgable and fair and doesn’t take weeks to fix a simple problem. If you need your gear to gig with pretty much now, you’ve come to the right place.

- Donovan Fraser, 2011||

I’ve had several jobs done by Box of Knobs on amps and guitars and each time I have been impressed by the quality of their work and the fast turnaround. Communication and overall customer service are excellent and I am happy to recommend them.

- Jim “Blues Doggie” Dorman, 2011

I’ve known Caleb for a while. Met him at church many years ago. Even though I have the time and the knowledge to do my own work some of the time, he’s still my go-to guy for any repair work. He always stresses my complete satisfaction or he makes right on it. I’ve had him install pickups, rewire pots, jacks, etc and the work always comes back quick and clean. I’ve never had to have him rework anything, but he tells me every time that if anything isn’t right, he’ll take care of it. You can’t go wrong with him.

He recently cleaned up a Schecter with a broken pot, a busted switch on a Fernandes strat and did a neck adjustment on my Breedlove. Everything was done exactly as I asked and he kept to his deadlines.

- Pavel Lutskovsky, 2010

If you need Quality Guitar work at good price with a fast turn around contact Caleb Barton from Box of Knobs Guitar repair. He has serviced 3 Guitars for me. PRS, Gibson & Ibanez. From Pickups to Pots/Action to Intonation, he does it all until your satisfied. Professional with a great attitude. Unlike some other Guitar shops I have dealt with over the years.

Scott Foster, 2010

Caleb, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the job you did on the rewire of my guitar. Even though it was a POS guitar and only had sentimental value to me, you treated it with the respect it deserved and did an awesome job. Thank you very much and I will definitely send some of my less guitar savvy friends to you for their guitar needs. I would definitely use you in the future for any pickup changes or rewires. Thanks again and good luck with the band…sounds great !

Mark Cook, 2010

I’ve played guitar for 35 years and have worked at gathering very high end collector’s pieces. Of course, the problem is who do you trust to work on a guitar when it needs servicing? I decided to have Caleb do some wiring on my Gibson Les Paul Custom. Not only did he do the work within one week, but he did an awesome job. The switch and pods sound great and are smooth as silk. If you need work done on amps or guitars, Caleb is your man.

Rick Young, 2010

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